At Magill School, we have a Sports Committee that oversees the After School Sports program.

Sport we offer requires a specific Sports Delegate. Sports Delegates are predominantly parents or caregivers who have a child involved with that particular sport. The Sports Delegate is required to become a member of the Sports Committee and provide a small summary report back to the committee at each meeting (during that sports season).

Currently, we are in need of a  Soccer delegate and an Australian Rules Football delegate.  You do not have to coach a team when you are a delegate but would be the go to person for the coaches.

The Sports Delegate is the primary point of contact between the sport specific Coaches/Managers and Sports Coordinator (SSO).  Sports Delegates are assisted by Magill School Sports Coordinator (SSO).

Our next meeting is Week 4, Monday 17th February at 6pm.

If you are interested in joining our committee as a Sports Delegate or would like more information, please contact Rachel Owens at [email protected]