Dear families,

Please be aware that all car parks on school grounds are for MAGILL SCHOOL STAFF ONLY.

Our Magill OSHC Newsletter has been developed by our educator Jason. Check out our Term 3 Newsletter here!

If you have any questions regarding the changes to OSHC fees, please email us at [email protected]

Our weekly program is emailed out to the account holders email address and displayed on the OSHC window.

Our Afternoon Snack Menu offers a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables and grains: check out our Term 3 Menu here! We will have a few opportunities for children to join in Cooking Activities during After School Care in Term 3. We also offer additional Breakfast Specials a few mornings each week.

If you have any dietary concerns, please speak to Monica – our Assistant Director.

We encourage all families to be allergy aware. We have children that attend our service with severe egg and nut allergies. Please BE A MATE at OSHC and avoid bringing foods that may cause an allergic reaction.

In the event your child does not have a hat and the U.V rating is high, they will have to play in the main room, art room or gym, in the event it is open. Please pack a sun-smart hat in your child’s bag.

We love to hear feedback and suggestions to better our service and make children’s time more enjoyable! –  We are specifically looking for suggestions on how we can share children’s progression!

We are asking all families to please check their photo permission as we are updating our parent handbook and constantly doing observations with photos. This is under the ‘child section’ of the enrolment form.

Want to be involved with our service? Speak to our Leadership team on how you can be involved.