Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

The Department for Education has provided all schools with a non-contact infrared thermometer to help keep students, staff and visitors safe.  The thermometers have been purchased through SA Health.

When, where and how the thermometer will be used

The thermometer will only be used to take a child’s temperature when they appear unwell and show signs of a fever.  

When a child presents to the first aid room feeling unwell and shows signs of fever, a designated first aider will take the child’s temperature, using the non-contact infrared thermometer held 5 to 10 centimetres away from the centre of the child’s forehead. 

What happens if a child is unwell  / has a fever

SA Health advises that a fever is 38⁰C. 

If the reading is above 38⁰C you will be contacted and you must collect your child immediately.  It is recommended that you seek assessment by a medical professional.  If you are not able to be contacted or able to collect your child quickly, an ambulance will be called in line with the Department guidelines.   


In all cases children who are unwell should not be at school.  You will be contacted if your child is unwell to arrange for them to be collected.  You are encouraged to seek assessment by a medical professional. 


Your child can return to school when they are well.


Please ensure that the school has up to date parent and emergency contact details for your child.